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    I want to know what's the difference in commit and forms_ddl(commit) in a trigger written in a form.

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    1. commit - this is db command (only), not FORMS and if:
    - form has upPOSTed statments they may be ignore
    - form not fire PRE, POST, ON - commit triggers

    commit execute as client side statment

    PS: some times commit; doesn't execute
    I had case when :
    form A : call_form('B'); -- without POST
    form B : call_form('C'); -- without POST
    form C : commit; -- and commit didn't work
    but if I used forms_ddl(commit) then all direct (in PL/SQL blocks) statments were commited.

    2. forms_ddl(commit) - this is dynamic sql - commit and
    commit execute as server side. And form don't know about commit nothing

    3. commit_form
    - form POST all statments
    - form fire PRE, POST, ON - commit triggers

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