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    Hi all!

    I have this very crucial query:

    We have Oracle v8i with OS as NT.

    Consider the following scenario:

    a).On Sunday we take offline Backup of the DB.
    b).From monday through Friday we take INCREMENTAL Backups.
    c).On Saturday say at 12:00 Noon,suddenly DB Crashes.
    d).Between Friday and Saturday,no backups were taken.

    Query:What would be my approach to take the backups and up the DB considering the Db in ARCHIVELOG MODE.

    Query:Could we use the CURRENT CONTROL FILE/CREATE A NEW CONTROL FILE/USE THE BACKUP CONTROL FILE in case of Recovery USING UNTIL TIME 12:00 Noon(Satudday) feature(Incomplete Recovery) upto saturday 12:00 Noon when my DB crashed.

    Of course, would have to open the Db with RESETLOGS OPTION.

    2.How could I convince my Client whether to go for
    ARCHIVELOG MODE OR NOARCHIVELOG MODE for a Production DB.considering both the Pros and cons of it.

    Please pass your best comments to the above.

    Take care.



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    Hey amit,

    Obviously you be perfomring an incomplete recovery, hence your RESTLOGS. You keep your current CONTROL File, becaue if you restore it and restore all the other datafiles, oracle would assume everything is just fine and dandy.

    Then you'd apply your incremetal backups and archive redo logs in order to recover the database.

    In regard to ARCHIVELOG / NOARCHIVELOG. It depends on the client's needs. I've run porduction systems in both. If no data can be offorded to be lost, the choice is simple... ARCHIVELOG. If you can perfomed regular daily offline backups and the client is willing to accept datalose then maybe NOARCHIVELOGS may be acceptable.

    OCP 8i, 9i DBA
    Brisbane Australia

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    grjohnson!Many Thanks!


    Hope all well at your end!

    Many thanks for your feedback!

    Take care.

    I'll be in touch!


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