Hi all!

I have this very crucial query:

We have Oracle v8i with OS as NT.

Consider the following scenario:

a).On Sunday we take offline Backup of the DB.
b).From monday through Friday we take INCREMENTAL Backups.
c).On Saturday say at 12:00 Noon,suddenly DB Crashes.
d).Between Friday and Saturday,no backups were taken.

Query:What would be my approach to take the backups and up the DB considering the Db in ARCHIVELOG MODE.

Query:Could we use the CURRENT CONTROL FILE/CREATE A NEW CONTROL FILE/USE THE BACKUP CONTROL FILE in case of Recovery USING UNTIL TIME 12:00 Noon(Satudday) feature(Incomplete Recovery) upto saturday 12:00 Noon when my DB crashed.

Of course, would have to open the Db with RESETLOGS OPTION.

2.How could I convince my Client whether to go for
ARCHIVELOG MODE OR NOARCHIVELOG MODE for a Production DB.considering both the Pros and cons of it.

Please pass your best comments to the above.

Take care.