We have a customer who is getting
ORA-24347: Warning of a NULL column in an aggregate function

Query they are running is:

SELECT (NVL(Sum(BudgetDet_Fixed_Amt),0)), (NVL(Sum(BudgetDet_Actual_Amt),0)),
FROM BudgetDetail
WHERE BudgetDet_BudgetRep_ID=666
and ((BudgetDet_Type=2 and BUDGETDET_MILESTONE in (0,10))or BudgetDet_Type=4)
and BudgetDet_Project_ID=3205 ;

They have Oracle I looked in Metalink for this error message, they say that this bug was created in 8.1.6 and is fixed in 8.1.7. Does any one know why I am getting this error ? Did Oracle really fixed this ?

They asked me to change it to so by doing that they will not get this error
Select SUM(NVL(xx,0)), ....

Instead of
Select NVL(SUM(xx), 0), ....

---------- ----------
0 0

But I cannot do it because if there is no row returned by this select SUM(NVL(.... returns NULL


Any help on this would be really appreciated.