PQO/Parallel Servers set up,Incremental Export Backup!
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Thread: PQO/Parallel Servers set up,Incremental Export Backup!

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    Hi all!

    Hope all well!

    We have Oracle v8i with NT as OS.

    1.We are into development stage, our Control files,on-line Redo-log files and default system Tablespace as well as other tablespaces like INDX,RBS,TOOLS,USERS,etc.,are in the same directory.

    What I believe for the development stage,it's ok.But at the client's place it should be multiplexed and mirrored across diferrent disk drives which I have to do it soon.

    2.Is it ok to say to the client "Multiplex the control files,on-line Redo log files at different disk drives in order to avoid I/O contention".

    3.Is it ok to take INCREMENTAL backups while the Db is online!

    4.What are the steps to set up Parallel Query Options(PQO) Parallel Servers.

    At present we are on NT OS and very soon would be migrating to Sun Solaris ENTERPRISE SERVER E450 with 2GB RAM.

    5.What is the command to take export/Import Backups on UNIX/SOLARIS.
    I believe you are working on UNIX.

    Please forward your comments on the above.

    Take care.



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    backup with imp/exp? bad bad....

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    I meant Incremental Export/import!


    I meant Incremental export/import.

    What about PQO and others set up!



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    To get the most out of PQO you need large data sets. Else certain queries will take longer, due to the extra overhead.

    Once you have enough data and your queries will benefit from PQO, you need to plan. Becuase PQO can saturate resources to the point they are useless. I had a 8 processor Sun machine slow to a crawl, becuase of two parallel queries and slightly-higher average load. So, you might want to implement profiles/resource mgt. to control parallel query and give it to who needs it. Else, you may end up saturating resources like: CPU or I/O.
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