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Thread: imp/exp table with LOB

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    i am using oracle 8.1.6 on sun solaris.

    i am trying to export and then import a table with LOB column. the default tablespaces of the source and the destination user are not the same and hence i get the "ora-959" error - tablespace does not exist - error when i run the import command.

    i also tried pre-creating the same table in the destination users default tablespace by using the indexfile created by "imp" (as was suggested in some user discussions). but i still get the same error.

    am i missing something here?

    how can i export and then import this table without actually having to transfer the tablespace too?

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    hello sambavan,

    i have already had a look at that piece of documentation and i could not get a solution from it. how can i export and then import a table with a LOB if the tablespaces are different in the source and destination.?

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