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Thread: western european to UTF8

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    I am trying to import data from a DB which has W8ISO... to UTF8 Database . It gives "value too long to insert into the colum" error while importing. Whats the procedure to do that ??
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    This is only my mind, no more.

    This situation may be when in some tables somebody declared field as VARCHAR2 and it works when CHARACTER SET has 1 byte and you have full filling fields.

    When you (or exp/imp utility) insert into CHAR or VARCHAR2 fileds in full filling field (European or Asian lang) length of field may be increase (more then field lenght).

    REFERENCE about UTF-8 Encoding

    UTF-8 is the 8-bit encoding of Unicode. It is a variable-width encoding in which the character codes 0x00 through 0x7F have the same meaning as ASCII. One Unicode
    character can be 1 byte, 2 bytes, 3 bytes or 4 bytes in this encoding. Characters from the European scripts are represented in either 1 or 2 bytes.

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