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    Red face

    I have an database which I know for sure containing no features above 8.0.6 because I just upgrade it from 8.0.6 to a few days ago.
    I need to bring this db back to our development srv which run on 8.1.6. I have clone the db to our 8.1.6 development srv. The 8.1.6 db seeems to work find. However, when I tried to do an export of this db, I received internal error msg and the export fail.

    Should I downgrade this db even if it is now running fine on 8.1.6? If I should downgrade it, can I run only the d0801060.sql script on this 8.1.6 development environment other than the production srv? I wish someone can tell me the quickest way to take care of this issue? I hope I don't need to touch the production db.

    Any help is appreciated


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    816server> exp sys/passwd@817DB_instance FULL=Y FILE=816.dmp ...

    816server> imp sys/passwd@816DB_instace FILE=816.dmp ...

    Remember that you would have to export from the 8.1.6 server, using the 8.1.6 exp executable. Then import using the 8.1.6 import executable...


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