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Thread: To copy a table

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    Can you tell me which is the fastest method to copy a table ?

    Can I just do a create table as select * from table; will this generate any redo info. The table I'm trying to copy has around 6millions rows.
    Or do I do an export ? or do I use a copy command?

    Which do you think will be ideal. This is to copy a table within the same database.

    Thanks a lot


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    you may be able to use the nologging option to stop redo being produced.

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    You could use direct load insert.

    Create table new_table
    (col1 varchar1 ....... .. . .... ...)

    Insert /*+ append */' into new_table
    select * from old table

    you can stop redo generation by issuing

    alter table table name nologging; before direct load insert.

    Direct load insert bypasses buffer cache and goes straight to datafile so is faster.

    You can also do a parallel direct load insert, spawning multiple server processes to speed up the task further.


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    ..that's a clean solution.

    Try parallel load it's lot faster. Make sure to understand the
    concept and settings first otherwise it could go other way around too.

    Have a fun.

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