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Thread: oracle developer's? don'tu want it?

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    to get sample files, email
    the stuff that you want may not be listed here, please direct to check more at

    sybex ocp books ,free ocp exams
    oracle9i dba, new features,sqlJ,jdeveloper,newest
    DBA ACCESS Testing simulating exams£»
    STS(5 exams completed£¬)TROYTEC all stuff
    BOSON formal version ,including JAVA£¬SUN's contents
    ORACLE's all certified materials included£¬over 500 testing exams and standard answers¡£
    ORACLE company tutorship books and answers.
    Oracle ERP/CRM
    Sybase DBA Stuff and User's Guide
    Developer200 stuff and books
    DBA script
    UNIX cluster
    RevealNet knowledgeBase
    Oracle reference
    Oracle9i newest stuff(including SQLJ),jdeveloper's,
    JDBC,pro.c,XMLand java
    Netg ocp programs

    also including the following books:

    Oracle Application Server Web Toolkit Reference
    Oracle Performance Tuning Tips & Techniques
    Oracle PL/SQL Tips & Techniques
    Oracle8i Web Development
    Oracle9i Web Development
    Oracle8i DBA Exam Cram: SQL and PL/SQL
    Oracle8 DBA Exam Cram: SQL and PL/SQL
    Oracle8 DBA Exam Cram: Performance Tuning
    Oracle8 Black Book
    UNIX System Administrator's Companion
    Oracle8i Administration and Management
    Oracle SQL & PL/SQL Annotated Archives
    Oracle8 Advanced Tuning & Administration
    Oracle8i: The Complete Reference
    Oracle8i DBA Handbook

    bible ebook collection, ocp book, sts, troytec
    book collection, boson, java, javatutor sun.
    8i hand, oracle error, cramsession,dba certificate,dba-howto,mfc4_bible,
    oracle performance,whole oracle documentable
    Pl/sql,whole etc.

    1. ILT stuff for DBA,DEV,DBO
    2. Coursewares for DBA,DEV:
    Technology-Based Training(TBT/NetG) for Oracle Certification ( OCP bundles )
    Same as NetG coursewares
    Oracle 8 track
    Oracle 8i track
    Application Developer, Oracle Developer, Release 2 track
    3. STS for almost all exams ( Total 24 subjects for DBA,DEV,DBO ... )
    4. Sybex OCP 8i DBA 3 ebooks:
    OCP: Oracle8i Dba Sql and Pl/Sql Study Guide : Exam 1Z0-001 by Chip Dawes
    OCP: Oracle8i DBA Architecture & Administration and Backup & Recovery Study Guide by Doug Stuns
    OCP: Oracle8i DBA Performance Tuning and Network Administration Study Guide by Joseph C. Johnson
    5. Cheet-sheets:
    1z0-001(SQL,PL/SQL), 1z0-013e(8DBA), 1z0-026(8iNetAdmin), 1Z0-016e(8NetAdmin,3/17/01)
    1Z0-111 Developer/2000 Forms 4.5 I (Last Updated: 3/6/01 )
    1Z0-112 Developer/2000 Forms 4.5 II (Last Updated: 3/10/01)
    6. Troytec Exam guide products for OCP:
    Intro to SQL & PL/SQL 1Z0-001, Database Admin 1Z0-013, Backup & Recovery 1Z0-015,
    Performance Tuning 1Z0-014, Network Admin 1Z0-016, Program Units 1Z0-101
    7. a lot of Exam Guides
    8. Braindumps, real test questions
    9. Boson Test v3.38 for OCP
    Oracle 8 Database Admin (1Z0-013) 324 test Questions
    Oracle 8i Database Admin (1Z0-023) 287 test Questions
    10. a lot of Oracle related E-books:
    Oracle 8 Certified Professional DBA Certification Exam Guide ( for OCP 8 DBA track )
    Oracle 8i Certified Professional DBA Certification Exam Guide
    by Ulrike Schwinn, Jason S. Couchman, Jeremy Judson ( for OCP 8i DBA track ) ISBN:
    ( Only got 3 chapters for NetAdmin in PDF files, and 300+ Questions FastTrak test program )
    Oracle8i Certified Professional DBA Practice Exams ( with BeachFrontQuizzer test software, more than
    1000Qs )
    (by Jason S. Couchman,McGraw-Hill Higher Education; ISBN: 0072133414 )
    Oracle Certified Professional Application Developer Exam Guide ( for OCP DEV track ) by Christopher
    OCP: Oracle8i DBO Study Guide ( Sybex, by Lance Mortensen, with FlashCards )
    Oracle Certified Professional DBO Certification Exam Guide ( for OCP DBO track ) by Jason S. Couchman
    Oracle8 Certified Professional: DBA Practice Exams (700+Questions) by Jason S. Couchman
    Oracle Certified Professional Financial Applications Consultant Exam Guide ( for OCP Financial
    Applications Consultant track ) by Christopher Allen, Vivian Chow. (Osborne/McGraw-Hill )
    Oracle 8 Bible,
    Oracle 8i Bible,
    Oracle WebDB Bible ( by Rick Greenwald, James Milbery, IDG Books Worldwide, ISBN: 0764533266 )
    Oracle 8: The Complete reference
    Oracle8i: The Complete Reference (PDF) by Kevin Loney, George Koch (Osborne/McGraw-Hill)
    Teach Yourself Oracle 8 In 21 Days
    Oracle8 Black Book ( by The Coriolis Group, Michael R. Ault, ISBN: 1576101878, HTMLs )
    The Oracle PL/SQL CD Bookshelf: ( Version 1.0, by O'Reilly & Associates )
    Oracle PL/SQL Programming, 2nd Edition by Steven Feuerstein & Bill Pribyl
    Oracle PL/SQL: Guide to Oracle8i Features by Steven Feuerstein
    Oracle Built-in Packages by Steven Feuerstein, Charles Dye & John Beresniewicz
    Advanced Oracle PL/SQL Programming with Packages by Steven Feuerstein
    Oracle Web Applications: PL/SQL Developer's Introduction by Andrew Odewahn
    Oracle PL/SQL Language Pocket Reference by Steven Feuerstein, Bill Pribyl & Chip Dawes
    Oracle PL/SQL Built-ins Pocket Reference by Steven Feuerstein, John Beresniewicz & Chip Dawes
    11. Serial Numbers for RevealNet Oracle products
    Oracle Administration Knowledge Base V2000.2
    Instant Messages for Oracle V2.3.5
    Active PL/SQL Knowledge Base V2000.2

    Contact us at

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    No sales add on this forum please !!!


    Life is a journey, not a destination!

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