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    I have to export all the tables using the export's "where clause" in 8i, the caveat is that the tables i export and import should be in the correct hierarchy (or dependency) , and to my knowledge its not possible to get the hierachy of the tables in 8i (, has anyone faced this problem and solved it, are there anyother ways to do it.and for ur info we have RLS on the schema too.
    I thought of using "copy from db to db" but again the table hierarchy is nagging.

    I'd appreciate any help or tips.

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    If you are using a single dump for all involved tables Oracle will take care of dependency internally (if all related data are there).

    Alternatively you can use Defferable Constraints feature.

    i.e. First just create table structure in Traget schema with Defferable Constraints feature with initially deffered clause
    for all FK constraints.

    Second import the data from your export ignoring all creation errors.

    Hope this helps.

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