Environment : NT, Oracle Server: 8.0.5

This is a case of starting an old application from a very old server. Till now, we were using only PRODUCTION and DEVELOPMENT instances. We had an old TEST box which was not being used due to lower hardware configuration. On that box, there is already application and database installed and it was running OK then.

Now, I want to clone PROD database and application on TEST box.

I have already copied the PRODUCTION database on that box and could start the database on that successfully. I have still NOT copied application system on TEST. First I want to start existing old application on it.

All other services are also running OK.

Now, when I try to start the application with
URL: http://hostname.domainname:8000/TESTj, it shows Oracle Application logo,
'Applet started' message also. It also shows JAVA Console but then immediately,

it shows following error messages.

"Application Emergency Message
Message dictionary couldn't open the FND message file for language US. Message
Dictionary Error. A file pathmame could not be constructed for the application
FND. This error often indicates that the application basepath (e.g. FND_TOP) or
subdirectory (APPLMSG) environment variables do not have a valid value."
I checked the value of FND_TOP, APPLMSG, GWYUID, LOCAL, ORACLE_SID. They all
show correct value.
I also checked permissions on FND_TOP and mesg folder. it shows full control
for users.

When I click on OK button on the above message, it further gives following
(USERNAME = applsyspub)

I have checked all the configuration files on the server and did not find any

Pl. help.