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    I am trying to write some instance and database creation scripts for an oracle instance I have on NT.

    I can create the instance without a problem. My problem comes when I try to call the script to create the database. I am using sqlplus /nolog because svrmgrl is going away in future releases of oracle. The root of the problem is that I am passing a single parameter to the sql script and the substitution is not taking place.

    Here is the command line

    sqlplus /nolog @run.sql instance1

    Here is a little bit of the code

    connect internal/
    startup nomount pfile=d:\oracle\admin\&1\pfile\init.ora

    I have tried enclosing the pfile path in quotes, unquoting for the substitution variable. Nothing seems to work.

    I am using oracle 8.1.7. Does anyone have any thoughts?


    John E.

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    what does

    sqlplus /nolog @run.sql instance1


    or you mean

    sqlplus /nolog

    where run.sql should have the connection infos such as


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    I was trying to run an sql script from the NT command line, and pass that script a parameter. The sql script first line is the connect statement. It's second line is the startup command where I try to substitue a "Start" variable that is received as a parameter to the script.

    I think I have solved the problem with a work around. I have to set the oracle_sid environment variable anyway, so I have substituted that (%oracle_sid%) instead and it works.

    Thanks for responding!


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