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    I'm using SQL Loader for the first time. THe problem i have is that when i attempt to migrate data from an access database to an oracle database it only works for one of the 7 tables. The particular table that works has no references to any of the others, its just a users table for password/userid.

    Any of the other tables that all have pk and fk references between them always give the message that the columns in them are not found in the "users" table. But those columns arent needed in the users table nor are there any references to the users table in my other tables.

    So if someone has an idea what might be wrong, please let me know!


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    I think the problem is that the 'dependent' keys are being loaded before the primary keys.
    I suggest dropping the pkeys and fkeys before loading and recreating them after load.
    Alternatively, you can try to load table with pk before table(s) with fks.
    All the best.

    Raminder Singh

    Oracle Certified DBA: Oracle 8i, 9i

    Mail me at raminderahluwalia@rediffmail.com.

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