Hello DBAs:
I am using SQL Server and Oracle for testing and development. I came across a pretty interesting problem. I am using DTS package in SQL server (Configured OLE for SQL server and Oracle Server) and transformed one sql server table called "employees" that has about 9 rows into Oracle. SQL Server window message said successful. I log into Oracle on Unix and logged in and when I said select * from cat, I can see the tables listed, but when I query it says the table is not existing with ORA 4043.. Any clues ??

SQL> select * from cat;

------------------------------ -----------
Employees TABLE
Employees1 TABLE

SQL> desc employees
ORA-04043: object employees does not exist

SQL> analyze table employees compute statistics
2 ;
analyze table employees compute statistics
ERROR at line 1:
ORA-00942: table or view does not exist

SQL> desc Employees
ORA-04043: object Employees does not exist

Tables Employees and Employees1 are created through DTS and DTS automatically creates. Table1and2 are directly created in Oracle with Create table table1 and so on.. They are normal..

Thanks, ST