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Thread: function to delete extra spaces between words

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    Why would you want to? If you need to update values, just call the function:
    update test
      set remarks = remove_redundant_spaces (remarks);
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    I would be interested on the performance of this function,
    my gut feeling is it will be a shocker... even if you create a function based index (with the right version)

    We had a developer use a Java function within Oracle(8i) to do something similar ... comparing strings and saw a dramatic improvement over PL/SQL method.

    I would be inclined to make sure to fix the input checking before it gets into the database. Or if you need to do a large cleanup: dump the table to text, use perl and reload the table, especially if the table is very,very big.

    The reality is that some things were not meant to run in a database. And when it comes the text manipulation PERL kicks arse.

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    Thanks, the function works well. The table is not a big about 2k rows.


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