I have the solution. It's Oracle itself that gave me the information.

1- You must create a function taht will verify which usr you are, and if you are not the SYS user, you could'nt change the password.
Create or replace Function Restrict_password
(username varchar2,password varchar2,old_password varchar2)
RETURN boolean IS
if USER='SYS' then
raise_application_error(-20001,'Only SYS user can change passwords.');
End if;

2- You have to create a profile Ex: ONE_DAY_PASSWORD. with the LIMIT VERIFY_PASSWORD_FUNCTION restrict_password.

3- Associate a user EX: SCOTT to the profile ONE_DAY_PASSWORD.

Now you could test it. When the user will try to change the password, he will received a ERROR. You just have to set the LIMIT EXPIRED_PASSWORD to 1 day, and you are in business.

Thank to all of you for your help.