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Thread: Help on Tuning the sort

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    Hi ,

    Could any one help me out on the following?

    I have a query which returns about some 500K records and it is very slow if I put the 'ORDER BY' clause. It takes about 10 mins with sorting and only 9 seconds without the 'ORDER BY'. I have increased 'SORT_AREA_SIZE' but that didn't help me. Also I don't see much disk sorting. Disk sorting is less than 1%. I am on 8.1.7. What else I can do to take the query down to say less than minute? Thanks a lot.

    Your help is greatly appreciated.

    Thanks again.

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    More info required

    Hi, 9th oct 2001 12:06 hrs Mumbai

    I would like to know whether in your Query you have join Condition if so are the joined column indexed please post me with details of the Query and details i have requested .


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    First thing that you can do is to make sure
    there is an index of the field you use in your ORDER BY statement.

    If no improvement then post your query here as what padman asked.

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