Is there any difference in tns and listener conf for oracle 8i on windows 2000 and NT server.

I have installed oracle 8i on NT where it is working fine and just now I have installed Oracle 8i (same version) on win2000 on a machine and I have given the same name to global database name which I have on win nt machine

While configuring on 2000 I found that listner is not properly set. I have set the machine's listener.ora file very correctly, Even I have tried using ipaddress at the place of host in the 2000 machine still listener is giving problem

Is this problem bcos of same name of database on 2000 machine (I am getting tns-01103, tns-12450 here description said problem with ADDRESS but I found my syntax was absolutely the same as of NT except).

is there problem bcos of global naming