Hi Gurus,

I would like to get a great help from you.
I would like to page automaticaly by my oracle 8.1.7 DB.

I) Let me brief the available resources.

1.I installed 8.1.7 under Win2000 with OEM.OEM Works fine.
2.I have a NEC Pager.(Numeric)
3.I am in singapore ( there is no area code,only country
code and page number)
4.I have Oracle 8.1.7 Pager service( started)

II) I am testing the pager by OEM/Preference option.I am facing the following problems

1.It asks me to enter area code ( as i am in singapore,we don't have any area code.what to enter here?)

2.I tested with 0,it does not work.

III) Need Clarification:
1.IS the oracle 8.1.7 pager service is enough to send pager message or i need to get any interface software from NEC.

2.If oracle 8.1.7 is enough for sending pager message,what should i enter in area code box.

3.If any body successfully installed the above thing,kindly suggest me by step by step

Kinldy suggest me

( I found many threads for paging service ,but still they don't have solution for my problem.thatz y i am posting the thread again)