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    what is the error message for the error no. ORA-12203. Can anyone explain what it is.

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    12203, 00000, "TNS:unable to connect to destination"
    // *Cause: Invalid TNS address supplied or destination is not listening.
    // This error can also occur because of underlying network transport
    // problems.
    // *Action: Verify that the service name you entered on the command line
    // was correct. Ensure that the listener is running at the remote node and
    // that the ADDRESS parameters specified in TNSNAMES.ORA are correct.
    // Finally, check that all Interchanges needed to make the connection are
    // up and running.

    Basically, it means that either you have entered an invalid network name for the database you're trying to connect to or the database listener is down. Check that you have the entry set up correctly in your tnsnames file and that the listener is running.

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    you can download the oracle documentation (includes a PDF for most error messages) from

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