say under account test1. i have three tables

and at the same database, i have another user account test2.
i want to copy tableA,tableB,tableC from test1 to test2.
there may be lots of user modifing the table.
i want to copy it over at the same point of time.
what should i do?

let's say test1's tableA have record 1
tableB have record 1 , tableC have record 1.

my questin is:
say if i
create table testA as select * from test1.testA
create table testB as select * from test1.testB
create table testC as select * from test1.testC

then maybe right after i create table testA.
somebody may insert a new record 2 in TableB.

what i want to copy is 1 for tableA,1 for tableB and 1 for tableC
instead of 1 for tableA, 1 and 2 for TableB, 1 for TableC.

am i clear?