Hello friends
I got problem while installing Oracle on COMPAQ PL 8500 cluster machine with OS as Win 2000 advanced server and Oracle 8.1.6.The case is like this while configuring Oracle Fail Safe 3.1.2 it changed the configuration files so we required to drop Oracle and created the database on other node.When we try to create Oracle on the other node which had the old Oracle system files,since the services are not removed we deleted the services manually through REGEDIT.Now when we tried for fresh installation the installation is stopped while copying the Oracle Intelligent Agent and the file is nmiconf.lsto.
When checked the log file it is giving message as trying to stop the service but could not able to identify it.
Other node is working fine including the Stand alone database.I want to have only Oracle system files without any database on the other node so that i can proceed for Oracle Fail Safe.
All your sujjestions in solving problem will be very much appreciated.