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    Hi everybody!

    I had a problem , I would like to make an script to restore my database from a coldbackup (it includes datafiles, redo logs files and control files, and also some important .ora files like parameters file - init.ora - ).

    I have a lot of doubts...

    1) What are the steps in order to make my restore scripts?
    -Only is necesary to copy backup files to their original paths?
    - I would like to know if in some cases (scenarios) is necessary to:
    * shutdown database ( I dont know if is necesary shutdown the database before to restore the backup files ... )
    * mount the instance that I'm trying to restore, without open it. (is this necessary in some cases ? )
    * etc (Are there other aditional steps for spetial cases ?

    2) I would like to know some scenarios where restoring
    from a coldbackup is a good choice

    3) I would like to know some scearios where restoring from a coldbackup will not solve the problem

    This is my aditional info:
    I'm not working in archivelog mode.
    I'm working on oracle
    I'm working on HP-UX 10

    Thanks, in advance.

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    First of all, read the documentation because even we tell you here you have to understand the concepts
    Second, if yoy are in NO archive log then there is NO special situations for you, when you have to restore you have to restore all the datafiles, control file. The parameter file is not necessary if it is not lost. Regarding redo log file, you can either restore it or open the database with resetlogs

    When you restore you obviously have to restore them to their original paths, the steps are simple just shutdown the database and restore the files once restored do

    startup mount
    alter database open resetlogs

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    1.) Usualy when you need to restore database from cold backup that means that your database has suffered some kind of media failure (like disk crash or corrupted file), in which case your database will not be running. So there will be no need to shut it down . Restoring from cold backup is easy: you simply restore all the needed files to their original locations and start the database.

    Theoreticaly it is possible that before the restore your database will be in NOMOUNT or MOUNT mode (but certanly not in OPEN mode). In any case, it won't hurt of you simply perform SHUTDOWN ABORT before any cold backup restore.

    2.) If you are running in NOARCHIVELOG, then restoring from cold backup is *the only* recovery option in case of media failure. You have no other choice if you do not to want create a new database.

    3.) If your cold backup is a valid one then you can be 100% certain that you will be able to restore the database from it. But you will definitely lose all the work performed on the database after your last backup.
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    A small correction..you need not reset logs if you're restoring all the controlfiles, datafiles and redo logs from a cold backup.


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