Whats is exact difference in processor license and Names User License ?
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Thread: Whats is exact difference in processor license and Names User License ?

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    Hi ,

    A question out of curiosity, I dont know what is a 'Processor License' and 'Named User License' can any one elaborate in detail.

    Also does Oracle Corp offers Oracle8i's EE and PE different for diffrenent processors?


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    Procesor licence mean:
    You pay a licence price based on the number of processors in your machine where your instance is running. If you have 1 CPU you pay X$, if you have 4 CPUs you pay 4X$ etc. If you licence your database based on CPUs then there is no restrictions in the number of users, concurrent sessions etc for that database. If database is accessed in a way where you can not specificaly predict and identify individuals that are using it (for example, when it is accessed through Internet) then you have no other choice but to licence per processor. Oracle does not distinguish between different kinds of processors and their speed any more - all processors are the same for them.

    Named user licence:
    You pay a licence fee for each individual that is using the database. Here a named user means a real human with a name and surname, not the user created in the database. If Joe is using the database, you must pay one licence for him, no matter if he connects to the database from 10 applications on 10 different computers at the same tame, and no matter if he and all other users connects to the same SCOTT's schema. And if Jack is using Joe's accounts on those computers to connect to the database you have to buy sepparate licence for him too.

    Price for EE, SE and PE licences does not depend on the tipe and/or speed of the processors.
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