I have an issue where an admin performed a 'create like' command against a datafile but did not specify a datafile name, and in realizing this they went into the contents of the disk and deleted the datafile. Now the issue is that Oracle still 'sees' the datafile due to the fact that it is in the data dictionary, but there is no physical file on the disk where Oracle thinks it is. We have the database open and were trying various things in DBA studio such as deleting it or renaming it, but so far have been unsuccessful. How do we go about removing this reference from Oracle? We performed an alter database datafile offline drop; but this did not remove it from view in DBA Studio. Oracle assigned the name to the datafile, and it is referenced in the V$datafile view, but running the offline drop command should have removed it from the control file, correct? Is there any means to rid myself of this reference in the data dictionary short of dropping and recreating the tablespace?