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Thread: Cheat sheats

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    Cheat Sheets

    Please, please, no more cheat sheet requests, please. I am not posting this out of ethics, or morals, but out of pure, rational self-interest for all those seriously committed to our prospective profession.

    I know, some might consider me a hypocrite because of my vapor experience comment, but what I meant is that sometimes one has to lie a little to get the job, simply because that's what almost all, prospective employers expect, it's kind of blind, first date, you tell the girl how great she is, even if she isn't, as long as you don't go overboard, she'll play along with it, even if she suspects you're lying a little.

    For all those who earned OCP honestly, please do not help those with cheat sheet requests, you are not helping them any in the long run, you are not helping the companies that might hire them, you're definitely not helping yourself, since all those paper OCPs will dilute your hard earned OCP credentials.

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    Trying to remain objective, since one can always be wrong.....without knowing it at the moment.

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