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Thread: Can I enforce a minimum number of chars in a pwd

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    Is there a way at the DB level (an init param maybe or utility) that will configure my database to not accept passwords below a minimum length? (I'm running 8.1.5 by the way)

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    There is an Oracle supplied function that does the following:

    Oracle's password complexity verification routine can be specified using a PL/SQL script (UTLPWDMG.SQL), which sets the default profile parameters.

    The password complexity verification routine performs the following checks:

    The password has a minimum length of 4.

    The password is not the same as the userid.

    The password has at least one alpha, one numeric, and one punctuation mark.

    The password does not match simple words like welcome, account, database, or user.

    The password differs from the previous password by at least 3 letters.

    Otherwise you can write your own. a full explanation with examples are in the Oracle 8i Admin Guide documentation

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