Okay, so I asked the question a while ago asking, if you are 8i Certified, does this automatically make you Certified in Oracle8, i.e. would you have to sit the 8 Upgrade (downgrade) exam to identify Oracle 8 features over 8i features...hmmm, you know what I mean. Many people said yes. I don't entirely agree, because the features between each release vary quite radically, but I'll let that slide, that's not what I want to ask.

What I'd like to know is...., therefore, if you ARE Oracle8i certified, does this entitle somebody can say they are Oracle8 certified also?


Joe Blogs
OCP 8i, 8, 7

If they are only 8i Certified?

I light of people previous post to my other question, I'd be interested to see what you thought in regard to this?

Personally, I think it's a bit of a cheat. Becasue if you are Certified in 8i and administers databases of this release. Would you call yourself an expert in Oracle 7? Hmmmm?