Hi Oracle Professionals,

We are creating a free online community site for Oracle DBAs. This site will ad-free and clutter free. Our goal is to create the best oracle-specific site on the web. We plan to achieve that goal by listening to your feedback and suggestions.

As an Oracle DBA , what do you expect from Oracle community sites/portals ? What are the features that would be helpfull to you ? What are the topics which interest you ? Would you like to have oracle related forums/discussion boards on our site ? What are the features that other oracle sites are lacking ? Please give us your comments and suggestions ?

We are looking for technical experts/dedicated editors who are willing to contribute technical articles/scripts to the dba community. We are also looking for SYSOPS to administer our oracle related forums/discussion boards. If you want to contribute to our site regularly, we can set you up with your own personal page on our site where you can upload technical articles and scripts. So you want to be a part of our team and show off your technical skills, please contact me at : jasonrowski@yahoo.com

Cheers !!!

Jason ( jasonrowski@yahoo.com )