I have three databases on an oracle 8.0.6 server, one live database, one test database, and the system database (world). Ive recently tried to setup a cold backup by submitting a shutdown job in Oracle Enterprise Manager to shutdown the live database at 10pm each night. When I set up the job, I was logged onto the world database with Enterprise manager.

This worked ok, but then I decided to tidy up the enterprise manager repositories by dropping (deleting) them all apart from the World database repository. The idea was to only log onto the world database with enterprise manager and administer all of the databases from here.

Since ive done this the live database still shuts down at 10pm but no jobs are displayed in enterprise manager for any of the three databases. According to Enterprise Manager, there are no jobs in the job library, no jobs have been active, and no jobs are scheduled. I have logged on to all three databases using the Worksheet program and typed SELECT * FROM DBA_JOBS; but this returns with no results.

Does anybody know what is happening here, and how do I stop my database from shutting down at 10pm.

Thank you in advance for any help