I wrote the following sql:

SELECT qry1.Type, qry1.Month, qry1.MonthName, Director.Code, Director.DirectorName, Sum(qry1.SumOfResults) AS SumOfSumOfResults, Sum(qry1.SumOfActivationForecast) AS SumOfSumOfActivationForecast, Sum(qry1.SumOfTotalExpressCommits) AS SumOfSumOfTotalExpressCommits, Sum(qry1.SumOfTotalPaid) AS SumOfSumOfTotalPaid, Sum(qry1.SumOfAccrual) AS SumOfSumOfAccrual, Sum(qry1.SumOfProjectedSpending) AS SumOfSumOfProjectedSpending
FROM qry1, Director INNER JOIN NewQuery ON Director.Code = NewQuery.Code
GROUP BY qry1.Type, qry1.Month, qry1.MonthName, Director.Code, Director.DirectorName;

Currently there are 5 directors who end up being listed but 2 of them wind up displaying the same results. This makes me wonder why it is happening for those two, but one else.