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    First off hello everyone. I had to find somewhere to get help.

    I recently performed an install of Oracle 8i into a new home on Solaris 2.6

    All went well and everything is still working.

    However I have noticed that all the executables exist twice. The second instance has a zero on the end and is the original.

    What happened


    I just don't get it. Has anyone seen this happen before. It's clearly just a waste of space. Or is it?

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    yes it is funny and you can delete the file with 0 suffix if you want
    save space..
    See the diff I have in the same dir..
    521884 Apr 25 17:26 lsnrctl
    530304 Dec 11 1999 lsnrctl0

    But I have a single copy of dbsnmp
    1432580 Apr 25 17:26 dbsnmp
    and 2 copies of oracle
    31975964 Apr 25 17:27 oracle
    31975964 Apr 25 17:26 oracleO

    Yet I have not deleted them as I have got enough space, so notto bother
    about that.

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    Sep 2001
    Ok, thx I won't worry about it.

    I see it happen before but never to dbsnmp.

    Now the file permissions are wrong. I'll just change em manually .

    Ok thx. I feel more relaxed now.

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    The file permissions would have gone wrong, due to the following reasons?

    1. You would have not set the umask -22
    2. Your initial file permission settings before the install on the directory would have been set wrong.

    Most of the times it would be the case 1. Be carefull when you reset the permissions as some of the files are read only. My bet would be to wipe out every thing and follow the manual and reinstall.

    Comming to the question of two files with 0, it was because they are older versions of the executables at times required.


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