Please help me understand about the the differences between raid 1 and 5 since I am not too clear about how this work. From what I understand, when you have raid 5 and you have 5 physical disks, it will stripe to 1 big disk so if you write to the disk it will write randomly to one or two out of these 5 disks right ??? Here is what we do in my company and I think it's not right ??? they have raid 5 and they only have one partition since they said no need to have many different partitions since i will write to different disks any way, it only cause overhead if we have more than one partition. Is that a true statement ??? So we have only one partition and they put datafiles and index files in one partition. Is that right ???

the system (C drive) and (E drive) will be partitioned on pair of mirrowed and they put all of the log files and system, rollback in there.

to me this configuration is not right but I like to prove it to them.