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Thread: Question on Direct-Insert Nologging

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    Hi! i got a question again from the Oracle Assessment Test,

    You inserted data into the EMP table using the direct-load insert with the NOLOGGING option.
    With information was recorded in the redo logs?

    A. No redo log entries were recorded
    B. Only certain data dictionary changes were recorded

    My answer is A but the Assessment Test's answer is B.

    Hope you guys can clear things up for me again. Thank you very much!

    The Maverick

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    The answer is B, because Oracle has to mark the news extents invalid and record the changes in the dictionary. This is a minimal log activity.

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    there is never ever transactions without redo, there is no redo regarding your transaction but there is regading the internal oracle transactions such as dictionary changes, for examples extents as julian pointed, or DDL changes (create index for example) or if audit trail is enabled then the dml on aud$ table has to be recorded somewhere

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