We have a Oracle8i Rel. 8.1.5 database in Windows NT 4.0 machine. We created a database link from it to another Oracle database on a UNIX machine. In the Oracle8i database we created a snapshot with 'REFRESH FORCE' mode using the database link.

The problem is whenever we change the password of the owner of the master table in the Oracle database (i.e. made it different from what is used in the database link), and then refresh the snapshot in COMPLETE mode, the snapshot gets truncated this happens even when the periodic automatic snapshot refresh truncates the snapshot.

If we keep the password of the owner of the master table same as that used during the creation of the database link at the child site (i.e. WinNT machine) the records are not truncated.

However, this problem does not occur if both databases are Oracle

How to solve this problem ? Pl. help.