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Thread: Help! ORA-02291: integrity constraint (GIRS.XFKCOMPANY_ACCOUNT) violated

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    Ive made some changes to the Erwin data model (added columns etc) Ive recreated the database using an Erwin generated script. Now im trying to perform a table by table import to get the data back in. This has been done in the correct order to avoid the ORA-02291 error.

    However I get this message when it comes to importing a certain table.

    IMP-00019: row rejected due to ORACLE error 2291
    IMP-00003: ORACLE error 2291 encountered
    ORA-02291: integrity constraint (GIRS.XFKCOMPANY_ACCOUNT) violated - parent key not found
    Column 1 1000645

    Ive checked and the value of column 1 is present in the referenced table.

    Im running Oracle 7.3.4

    Anyone got any ideas?

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    You may need to run import several times for it to be successful.

    In order to avoid duplicity of imports, you can set IGNORE=N

    That way, the objects that have been imported will not be reimported.

    Good luck.
    David Knight
    OCP DBA 8i, 9i, 10g

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    Ironically if I disable the constraints, import in the same way and then reenable the constraints I dont get the same problem

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