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    I just recreated a standby database on a different host from the primary. The archive logs are still being generated by the primary but they are not being transferred automatically like they should.

    What I did to recreate the standby database was:
    1) Shutdown the primary, copied the datafiles, and created the standby control file using the statement: alter database create standby control file as 'filename';
    2) Restarted the primary database. Looks fine.
    3) ftp'd the datafiles and standby control file to the standby database host.
    4) Since this was working prior to the recreation, I didn't alter the tnsnames.ora or listener.ora files. I did verify the ports and host names. OK.
    5) Started the listener for the standby database.
    6) Attempted to initiate automatic archiving on the primary site throught server manager:
    connect internal
    startup nomount pfile=init.ora
    alter database mount standby database;

    From what I've read this should be enough to get the archive logs to transfer and load from the primary (if the init.ora file is correct) to the standby database. However it's not working. The last applied log was #10322. The last log generated on the primary is #10344. When I checked the status of the standby database it states: mounted. When I checked the archiving status of the primary database I received an error: ORA-01034 oracle unavailable.

    Your suggestions would be welcomed.


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    I am assuming that you are on 8.1.7 or similar 8i version which supports managed standby databases.
    You will need to check that the tnsnames.ora file is updated to have a database alias which points at the standby database on the different host.
    Also check that the log_archive_dest_2 is set with a valid service name (the tnsnames database alias/service name) and the defer option is not set.
    If you are after a managed standby database you need to make sure that the standby database init.ora has the correct parameters.
    STANDBY_ARCHIVE_DEST and LOG_ARCHIVE_DEST should be the same.

    The only thing which worried me in the steps outlined was step 6. The primary database should be open and in use and the standby database should be mounted as a standby database. The ORA-1034 error suggests that this was not a typo?? or was it??

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    I'm having the same problem as you did. Were you ever able to resolve your difficulty?

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