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    Feb 2001
    I need to create a batch file that will run the export command and create the export file with the current date as part of the naming convention. (i.e. exp full=y file=exp09052001.dmp).

    How could this be done in both a Unix and NT environment?

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    Apr 2001
    It can definitely be done in a Unix enviroment, but I'm not that familiar with NT so I can't be sure. If you would like the Unix syntax please email me at dimartin@chubb.com.

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    Sep 2001
    Here is a piece of code I got from some site on the internet. (The top part only. The bottom part I added.) Don't ask me what site I got it from because I can't remember. I went to so many.

    This can be executed from a batch file in Win NT.

    echo. | date | FIND "(mm" > NUL
    if errorlevel 1 (call :ParseDate DD MM) else (call :ParseDate MM DD)
    goto :EOF
    for /f "tokens=1-4 delims=/.- " %%a in ('date /t') do (
    set Dow=%%a
    set %1=%%b
    set %2=%%c
    set YYYY=%%d)

    REM This will execute the export statement.

    exp system/manager full=y
    file=fullexport%yyyy%%mm%%DD%%.dmp log=fullexport.log

    It will create the file -> fullexport20010907.dmp (assume today is Sept. 7th, 2001)

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