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    I am running a data warehouse using Oracle 8.1.6
    Assuming that I have 80 gig of data
    in one table. I have a very fine tuned
    select statement that returns the result I want in
    30 minutes from one particular select statement.

    If the data in the table grows 2 folds to 160 gig.
    Do you think that that same query will take 60
    minutes to return the output?
    NOTE: The query is very fine tuned in the best
    possible way. And the select statement has not
    being altered/changed.

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    It depends on way too many variables to guess.

    If it is a simple tablescan, then probably

    If it is a simple index lookup, then probably not.

    If it is a join of multiple tables with tables scans and indexes and has joins and nested loops where some percentage of the blocks might be cached, then flip a coin and make a guess.

    - Chris

    Also, I am moving this thread to the Developer's forum.
    Christopher R. Long
    But that's just my opinion. I could be wrong

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