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    db server

    I just installed toad on my system and in the server analysis part i get the following:

    Buffer cache hit ratio : 48.2746 may need to increase db_block_buffers

    library cache get hit ratio : 83.0791 dynamic or unsharable SQL

    library cache pin hit ratio : 83.7397 shared pool area too small

    redo space wait ratio : 4.0190 unknown

    chaned fetch ratio 0.0981 pctfree too low for a table

    parse to execute ratio 75.4294 high parse to execute ratio

    DBWR average scan depth 1.430.6494 no of db_files too high?

    what does all thse mean...are all thse some kinda errors on the server
    if yes..is there anyway to get 'bout this.....?


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    I think that is 2 much information.i suggest you plaese read the oracle docs on tuning.and preferably this book oracle sql high performance tuning by guy harrisson.


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