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Thread: Hang on import

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    Hi there,
    I have a script that I run which performs some SQL to remove a user and then runs an import which creates the user and the objects that the user owns (Exported for a live DB).
    When I run this script manually, it works fine but when the script is left to run though at it seems to hang leaving no relevant messages for me to use to debug the problem. We are running NT 4 with Oracle 8.0.4.

    Here is the script:

    cd \ora-script
    set oracle_sid=azr2
    sqlplus /nolog @e:\ora-script\azr2_ezl.sql
    * Up until this point it all works, it hangs on the import *

    imp80 system/manager@azr2 file=h:\ezt1.dmp commit=y ignore=y log=e:\ora-script\impazr2.log full=y

    Any help would be appreciated.



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    You are trying to import full database (FULL=Y) where as the export dump file was taken at user level.
    Change the imp parameter.

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    Not true! FULL=Y as an import parameter only means that you want the whole contents of the dump file to be imported. So it doesn't matter if export was done at FULL, USER or TABLE level. Parameter FULL has totaly different meaning in imp as it has in exp.

    To the original question:

    Under which user is the Scheduler service runing on NT? As a SYSTEM acount or as a named user? Are the H: and E: disks local disks or are they mounted remote disks?
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    Hi Guys,
    Thanks for getting back to me.

    H: is a mounted drive, it's the E drive from the live server which is where I store my dumps, I guess it would also help for me to show you how the file is dumped:

    set oracle_sid=ezt1
    exp80 system/manager file=e:\backup\ezt1.dmp grants=y indexes=y rows=y constraints=y log=e:\backup\ezt1.log full=y

    I know in this case that I should really only be doing a user export, but I have little Oracle experience nor time to look into how to do one. I might ask about that later if that's OK.

    I'm using at to schedule the dump, as you can see it dumps from the system user.

    Any help will be great!



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