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Thread: database crash

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    I need to know which backup method best for 24x7 database.

    Our database is archive log mode and we are maintaing daily full export dump and maintaining archive log backup also.

    One scenario I will tell here.

    I am taking full export backup at 4.30 am database is working continuously and morning 10 am database going to crash.

    my way recovery is

    1st I should I put full export and load the data upto 4.30 am.

    after 4.30 am to 10am data how should I get it.

    1st I put full dump and I should do recovery and I need to apply archive log.

    Here I have a doubt from which point to I start recovery. plz tell me.

    because I don't know 4.31 am what is the log sequence ?.

    So how should I get data from 4.31 am to 10 am.

    mail me soon.........

    Thanking you,


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    Hi G.Shankar,

    The best backup method for 24x7 database is hot backup (online backup), database should be in Archivelog Mode.

    Our database is archive log mode and we are maintaing daily full export dump and maintaining archive log backup also.

    Along with Archive log backup you also needs the actual datafile backup.

    The datafile backup + Archived Redo log backup will protect the database from any kind of failures. And you must multiplex the Controlfile as well. Take the Control file backup after the structural changes to the database.

    If you experience any kind of database failures, you have to choose any one of the procedure but not both.

    1. Use import utility to import the last export file.

    You will loose all the data after the export file.

    2. Restore the damaged file and apply the archive logs.

    This makes the database current, wihout losing any comiited data.

    But you cannot import the file and then apply the logs.

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    fyi export and archived logs dont go together, archived log is meant for used with your datafiles backups NOT your export DUMP, when you recover with archived log Oracle checks the header of datafiles with your control file information and it syncronize the SCN in both control file and datafiles. If you restore with your import then the datafiles has NOTHING to do with archived logs, they are total out of syncronization

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