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Thread: Can't Uninstall Oracle :-(

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    Hi Everybody,

    I have a problem uninstalling Oracle Developer from a
    Windows98 machine. Using Oracle installer, I browse the
    list of products and select (one or more) products to
    uninstall but i immediately get "Orainst: performed an
    illegal operation". The details say it is a page fault.

    I earlier installed Oracle8 Lite on another machine
    and made the mistake of deleting part of its directory.
    After that, the installer tells me it cant uninstall because
    there are related processes still on that I have to kill.
    I checked the process list and all are the classical
    windows processes. Even trying to format the drive
    did not work as Windows itself complains that some
    cleanup is still necessary. I verified one by one that
    all processes are from c:\winnt\system32.

    Anyways, a collegue suggested Oracle porducts are very
    hard to uninstall once installed on Windows platforms.
    Is this true?

    Could anybody suggest anything or did you have similar
    problems before? I would be thankful to hear any similar

    Sofware Engineer,

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    Yuk, it is sadly true that oracle is notoriously difficult to install from windows.

    What I normally do is stop all the oracle services:
    control panel -> services. Then try and use the installer to uninstall. If that fails I export the registry and delete the oracle key.

    Im not exactly sure if this can be done on windows 98 though.

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    yes, it can ...
    if you really want to properly erase Oracle on Doze, first suppress the services using oradim, then erase your install directory, then in the registry, erase [HKLM]/Software/Oracle

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    how can i uninstall oracle 11g on windows 7 please?

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    You should have created a new thread, instead of replying to a thread over 11 years old.

    1. Use oradim to delete your services
    2. run the detach oracle home script in %ORACLE_HOME%\oui\bin
    3. Delete the oracle home directory and the oracle directory under program files
    4. go into regedit hkey local machine, then software and delete the entry for oracle

    and that should do it.
    this space intentionally left blank

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