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    Hi Everyone,

    I am running oracle on aix 4.3.3. I just completed an upgrade from 8.0.6 to 8.1.7 on a production database. I am a little confused, I keep getting the following message everytime I bounce the database. Does anyone know, will I always get this message? Is this ok or is this a problem?

    Thu Aug 30 11:55:16 2001
    Updating NLS parameters in sys.props$
    -- adding NLS parameters.
    Completed: alter database open


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    Jun 2001
    Be thankful its not a critical ora error. On the face of it, it seems harmless, but I am not an experienced DBA.

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    Oct 2000
    Saskatoon, SK, Canada
    The issue is a missing row in sys.props$ for NLS_DUAL_CURRENCY. If the database can be opened READ/WRITE, there is a workaround. It involves inserting the row into sys.props$ as follows:

    1) Open the database for read/write
    2) set transaction use rollback segment system;
    3) insert into sys.props$ values ('NLS_DUAL_CURRENCY', '$',
    'Dual currency symbol');
    4) commit;
    5) shutdown and restart the database in read only mode.

    You should ensure you have a complete backup before performing this operation.

    Good luck,


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