Hi Guys,

We are converting our present application(perl,html,java script) into
Oracle 9i AS environment.

At present in our web application, Every time user is connecting to the database and disconnecting, In the new
application we want to use Connection Pooling. I went through different documents on Connection pooling and i am
little bit confused to under stand the whole consept. (Because different versions are giving different examples).

First we will create the connection pool with
Min connections (2),
Max connection(5)

Then the other program(servlet or JSP) will send a request to connection pool
with username, password and SID details.(exm:SCOTT/TIGER/ORCL)

If this is the first connection then connection pool will open a physical connection
and will give a logical connection.

He is not closing the logical connection after the transaction.


Then the other program(servlet or JSP) will send a request to connection pool
with username, password .(exm:user1/userpass1)

What connection pool will do?

Whether it will open a new physical connection or

it will check the first connection is active or not, And if it's active then
it will create a new physical connection and it will give a logical connection
to user1?

If the first connection is not active then it will use the first physical connection and
it will give the second logical connection?
In this case if first logical connection want's to some transaction, Then what?
It will repeat the step agian(Like checking the physical connection)?

I am trying to understand what result i will get v$process or v$session.

My scenario is

I want to create a connection pool(Or use connection pool).

I want to open some(2) connections through connection pool(I want to open it but i won't close)
by writing servlet.(scott/tiger)

Then actual application will send a request to connection pool, In this case all ready two physical and
2 logical connections are opened. But that logical connections are ideal(inactive) so i want use the first physical connection.Then application will send another request and i want to use the second physical connection. Then
application will send 3rd request, At this time i want to check the connections are active or inactive. If it's active then
open a new physical connection.

Once i reached the max connections then i wan't wait.

I am also looking the proxy connections with JDBC 9.0.1 OCI8. But because of to-many examples i am not able to understand where to start.

So folks tell me what steps i have to follow. If you are unable to give me the scripts(all ready if you scripts then please mail me to sree_sri@hotmail.com), Then please tell me the steps.(Including test steps). If possible explain me how these steps will effect in the database.