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    I need to move system tablespace datafile and database log files and control files . Need guru's help .. I moved all datafiles using alter tablespace rename datafile option . We can't bring system tablespace offline to rename datafile . Please transfer the knowledge ..


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    1. alter datbase backup controlfile to trace;
    2. shutdown normal or immediate.
    3. move your data file to its new location.
    4. edit the backup of the trace file... remove anything that is not a command. then edit the location of th esystem tablespace file.
    5. svrmgrl
    6. @{execute the backup of the control file} this will rebuild the control file and rename the destination of your system tablespace.

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    Procedure to Move System Datafile

    I saw the answer to move the system tablespace datafiles.It is not requited to recreate the controlfile.Follow below steps to move the system tablespace datafiles.

    1.Shut down the database with immediate or normal option only.
    2.copy the datafiles of system tablespace using operating system command to new location porvided that you know the datafiles full path for the system tablespace.Check for both file sizes after copy.
    3.Mount the database using command startup mount.
    4.Rename the datafile to new file locations.
    5.Now open the database.
    This procedure used to move the system tablespace datafiles as we can not off line the system tablespace like any other.This procedure will work for all tablespaces.
    Note: The database will not be availabel when you perform this operation & before attempting this procedure make a full cold backup of the database.
    Ravindra Nimmagadda

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