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Thread: Multiplexing/mirroring on Unix!

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    Hi all!

    Hope all well at your end!


    1.I would like to know if some kind of I/O Contention exists when we avoid multiplexing/mirroring control files/on-line redo log files.

    2.Is it ok to use the term multiplexing/mirroring interchangeably.

    3.Howdo we multiplex/mirror control files,on-line redo logfiles on Unix knowing well that there ain't any C,D,E drives but simply file system!



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    1. Risk factor becomes more if you don't multiplex.

    2. I would accept, both. If you talk to an oracle person it would be multiplexing, if you talk to a unix admin it would be mirroring. As long as you can undestand what it is either is fine.

    3. You can specify them in your pfile of that instance, using the full disk/volume path and the file name


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    1. The performance impact is minimal if you multiplex files.
    2. Multiplexing and mirroring are often used incorrectly. Mirroring is an OS phenomenon. In theory, you should never have to know your files are mirrored. Multiplexing is keeping two copies of the same file. Many people multiplex files on mirrored devices.
    3. This is the beauty of Unix filesystems. You can have a mount point /u01 that is sd0, /u01/oradata/db1 that is sd1 and /u02/oradata/db2 that is sd2. I encourage you to explore your individual configuration with your sysadmin.
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