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    Hi~ every experienced DBA here~~

    I have a question about MS SQL 2000 v.s. Oracle 8.1.6 Server and Developer 6i.

    I wonder is it possible to Install MS SQL 2000, Oracle 8.16 Server, and Oracle Developer 6i on The Same Machine?

    I am running a Stand Alone Windows 2000 Sever without any client attached to it.

    I got 13GB Hard Drive, 256 RAM, Pentium II 400MHz CPU.

    Thank You so much for helping~~ = D

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    In the future, please post your thread in only one forum. http://www.dbasupport.com/forums/sho...threadid=14943
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    I remember I installed Oracle 8i ver 8.1.6. at Windows 2000 Server, but I had problems to administer and configure the installation.
    I resolved the problem installing Windows NT 4.0 IN a server similar at the hardware you comment.

    If I can help youˇ


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    Jun 2000
    there is no problem at all to install what you have asked for , I have the incoming software installed on one machine and working so good :

    * Oracle EE 8.1.7
    * Oracle Developer 6i ( Forms and Reports )
    * Oracle Designer 6i
    * Oracle WebDB
    * SQL Server 2000
    * Visual Studio 6 EE

    On A PIII 700 + 256 M ram + 20 G Hard + Windows 2000 Professional.

    I admit that it comes to some how slow when invoking the engine plus 2 or 3 tools simultaniously but it is very cheap nowadays to get a P IV machine with 512 M ram or more plus 40 G Hard at nearly no cost.

    Good Luck
    Hisham Nagia
    IT Manager For Development
    Oracle Consultant - OCP

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