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Thread: Question Installing Oracle Applications 11.5.4 on NT

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    The following is quoted from Oracle docs. It trys to run a Unix Shell on NT machine. How can this be done on NT?

    Oracle Applications
    Installing Oracle Applications
    Release 11i (11.5.4)
    May 2001
    Part No. A90307-01

    Page 91

    For example (NT users):

    Run in a DOS command window that has the appropriate environment
    set up. To prepare the environment, run envshell.cmd (located in the APPL_TOP),
    which will open another DOS command window with all the environment
    variables set correctly. Then, from this window, run as follows:
    C:\> sh D:\oracle\prodcomn\util\jinitiator \

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    Did you try lauching the shell as the instructions tell you to, if so what did you get?

    in the new shell did the 'set' command echo Oracle Specific environment variables?

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    If you look carefully at the pre-requisites for 11i on NT, you will see the server has to have MKS Toolkit installed amongst other things. This software gives you a unix shell on NT.


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